Searching Dictionaries

The trace command is used to search for words in the CSpell dictionaries.

Command: trace - See which dictionaries contain a word

Trace shows the list of known dictionaries and a * next to the ones that contain the word.

A ! will appear next to the ones where the word is forbidden.


The word is found in a dictionary if a * appears before the dictionary name. image

The dictionary is enabled, (in use based upon the file type), if the dictionary name is followed by a *. image


Usage: cspell trace [options] <words...>

Trace words
  Search for words in the configuration and dictionaries.

  -c, --config <cspell.json>  Configuration file to use.  By default cspell
                              looks for cspell.json in the current directory.
  --locale <locale>           Set language locales. i.e. "en,fr" for English
                              and French, or "en-GB" for British English.
  --languageId <language>     Force programming language for unknown
                              extensions. i.e. "php" or "scala"
  --no-color                  Turn off color.
  --color                     Force color
  -h, --help                  display help for command

Using languageId

Search for errorcode

cspell trace --languageId=cpp "errorcode"


The + between error+code indicates that it was found using compound words enabled by allowCompoundWords setting.