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@cspell/cspell-types / Exports

Cspell Types

Contains cspell types and json-schema.

This package contains no dependencies to avoid any security issues.

Support Future Development

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npm i -SD @cspell/cspell-types


Can be use to make writing cspell.config.js files easier.

'use strict';

/** @type { import("@cspell/cspell-types").CSpellUserSettings } */
const cspell = {
  description: 'cspell.config.js file in samples/js-config',
  languageSettings: [
      languageId: 'cpp',
      allowCompoundWords: false,
      patterns: [
          name: 'pound-includes',
          pattern: /^\s*#include.*/g,
      ignoreRegExpList: ['pound-includes'],
  dictionaryDefinitions: [
      name: 'custom-words',
      path: './custom-words.txt',
  dictionaries: ['custom-words'],

module.exports = cspell;


CSpellSettings alias CSpellUserSettings is the formal definition of the configuration that controls the spell checker.

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